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Holistic dentistry is not a new phenomenon. In fact, in some circles, it’s considered an old school practice to treat more than teeth and gums. To provide dental patients with answers and results about their overall health, and if they’re suffering from ailments that resulted in their dental problems.

holistic dentistry

The Pros of Basic Holistic Dentistry

In dentistry, holistic refers to treating a person in whole. Instead of solely looking at the dental problem for a dental solution; a holistic approach considers oral health along with physical and mental health as well.

For example: The mental state of a patient who requires dentures would be a factor considered prior to molding or fitting. Holistic dentistry includes the process of considering a persons’ body’s compatibility with the materials used in the braces they need. As well as a patients’ home care, dietary needs and etc. after a procedure like a root canal.  It is the acknowledgement that dental procedures can take not only an oral toll but a physical or mental toll as well. Its plans in entirety work to consider all factors and prevent the recurrence of the ailment(s) that called for the procedure/dentist in the first place.

Along with the ability to stay away from pesky x-rays and the radiation that comes with them. Holistic dental care can provide patients’ with a greater understanding about themselves. Giving them piece of mind about the procedures they need and the medications they may need to take to help them heal.

With a focus on the whole body, each individual is unique, meaning patients have the ability to have customized treatments and post-treatment plans based on their oral, mental, physical needs and home life. Making any holistic plan specially made for you!


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