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Dear Friends,

With this holiday season I want to take the time to show my undeniable gratitude to have such fantastic patients, staff and collaborators!

It is truly a pleasure going into work and connecting with all of you. We hope this winter brings you all closer to your family and friends, and wish you a wonderful holiday season filled with love and happiness.

The office and staff have gone through quite a few changes this year.

We are so glad to welcome Dorothy, our new secretary, to our team. With her new ideas and fresh face, she has truly added to the efficiency of our practice.

Olena also surprised us all with the news that her daughter Janet gave birth to a beautiful boy! We hope Julien enjoys his first Christmas. It brings me such a smile to think that even when Janet and Michael were infants, she never missed a day. It has truly meant a lot to me how dedicated she has always been to ensure the greater good of everyone.

Cecilia had an exciting few months as well this year, with her volunteer in Ecuador. I am so grateful to have her by my side each day, keeping everything organized and stepping in when I needed her the most.

It makes me feel so blessed when I think of what an amazing team I have. I especially want to thank our proficient lab technicians who are always keen to please and offer outstanding product in record time.

I cannot forget to mention how proud I am of my daughter who has brought a more holistic air to the office with her essential oils, nutritional support and biofeedback machine. With her aid, the office has been able to offer a deeper level of service by truly showing us that health starts in the mouth.

As for me, I kept especially busy this year with the numerous courses I took, with a focus on holistic health. One of my most memorable courses was in Bulgaria when I practiced under Master Lin Kai Tin, Qi Gong. I have been practicing Qi Gong for many years however being immersed 2 weeks in the presence of such a gifted man was truly life changing.

We unfortunately also had a few hardships in the office, like the recent flood. We apologies for any inconveniences that you might have had during this period because of this and are looking forward to embracing the challenge with a freshly renovated office in the New Year!

We have lots of new ideas we want to implement in 2018 and hope that the New Year brings you comfort and joy. We cannot wait to see your smiling faces!

With Love,

Dr. Anca Jivan