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Dental Emergency Clinic Toronto

 Do you have a dental emergency?  Call us!

If you have tooth pain, dental trauma due to an accident, lost a crown or a filling, extremely sensitive teeth, bleeding gums, knocked out tooth, wisdom teeth pain, chipped or broken teeth, call our Toronto dental emergency clinic right away! We offer same-day emergency appointments in most cases.

Emergency dental care for your children

If your child breaks a tooth playing sports or accidentally do not panic, we can help you. It is important to call us as soon as possible in order for us to treat the dental emergency. Untreated dental accidents can have long-lasting effects into adulthood and cost more in the long run. We love working with children and offer a great prevention program that includes mouthguards or sportsguards to prevent dental trauma in children.


Emergency diagnosis and treatment

Anyone who has experienced extreme dental pain can tell you the importance of having access to a great dentist close to work or home. Dr. Anca Jivan is conveniently located at Yonge & Eglinton to diagnose and treat any dental problem. No matter what your dental emergency may be, you can trust that our Toronto dental office will be prepared to give you a swift diagnosis and treatment plan.  Book your dental emergency appointment today!