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Dr. Anca Jivan - 5 tips for staying calm when you visit the dentist

Are you afraid of going to the dentist? You are not alone.

According to the Canadian Dental Association, up to 22% of patients have severe dental anxiety. Perhaps you haven’t gone in a long time and are worried about what the dentist will find, or you have unpleasant recollections of previous visits.

 Dental anxiety, if left untreated, can develop to oral health issues, which may necessitate additional dental treatment. So, no matter how frightened you are of going to the dentist, going for a routine visit is never a good idea. In fact, seeing your dentist on a regular basis might make the entire procedure much easier. We recommend using these suggestions and methods to calm your nerves before your next dental appointment.

1. Look For A Dental Clinic That Caters To Dental Anxiety 

Going to the dentist is a frequent issue for many individuals, including you, who have various anxieties. Some dentists take the appropriate precautions to reduce anxiety. When scheduling an appointment, make sure to question your dentist about how their clinic assists patients with dental anxiety, or visit Dr. Anca Jivan’s dental office, where we provide services to ease dental anxiety issues.

2. Distract Yourself By Relaxing 

Depending on your degree of anxiety, taking your mind off the dental exam may seem difficult, but there are a few useful methods you may take to distract yourself.

  • If the sound of equipment like the drill bothers you, put on headphones and listen to your favourite music or an audio book. A dental office that caters to dental anxiety should provide a television that you may watch throughout your appointment if at all available.
  • Squeeze a stress ball or play with small hand-held toys like a fidget spinner to keep your hands occupied.
  •  Practice imagining yourself someplace else, ideally somewhere relaxing. Whether it’s at the beach, on your front porch, or a pleasant memory. 

3. Opt For Sedation Dentistry 

Some dental clinics will provide sedation dentistry, which is meant to help ease anxiety by utilising local sedatives to alleviate any discomfort you may feel during dental operations.


4. Communicate With Your Dentist 

Don’t be hesitant to ask the dentist to clarify what they’re doing during the treatment, and let them know if you need to take a pause to relax.

5. Use Mindful Techniques

Practice these strategies by focusing on breathing gently and frequently before and after your visit, as well as during dental operations. When individuals are frightened, they tend to hold their breath, which lowers oxygen levels and heightens feelings of panic. In certain meditation approaches, focusing on calm, regular breathing helps reduce stress levels.

Dr. Jivan’s Dental office welcomes you to discuss your dental anxiety issues with us and work with us to design a treatment plan that will put your worries at ease while still allowing you to obtain the dental care and treatment you require.

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